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“Dude, Why Are You Still Standing By The Bathroom? She’s Over THERE With Her Friends!”

There she was with her friends laughing at me while STILL sipping on the $20 drink I just bought her! 

It was pretty obvious I was the butt of their jokes as I stood next to the bathroom like a little simp.

How long were they laughing at me for?

I waited for 15 minutes, thinking I scored this baddie for sure.

I thought...

Was I THAT much of a loser that she had to 
AVOID me for the rest of the night?

I went back to the table with my head low, where my friends were dying of laughter.

Dude you got shut down SO HARD!” They teased. “How did you mess that up!?

I probably would’ve cried if I wasn’t so worried about my friends laughing at me even harder than they already were.

Now, maybe you’ve never experienced this exact scenario before.

Maybe you have.

Maybe there was a time in your life where a girl rejected you in the most embarrassing way too.

And if you’ve ever felt like beautiful, sexy, and intelligent women could NEVER be attracted to you…

...then this page is EXACTLY where you need to be.

Because even though this rejection left me demoralized, and almost killed my dating life right then and there…

I didn’t let it stop me.

In fact, I became so fed up, I made a decision…

Either I was going to get this area of girls handled in my life - or DIE trying. 

What I didn’t expect was to stumble across the secret 4-Minute Click that would transform my dating and social life (and thousands of other men’s lives) forever...

Hey, my name is Imad Jbara.
And for the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you a story about how I went from being constantly rejected by women…

To find this secret technique you do BEFORE talking to girls that makes them flirt, chase and even seduce you in less than 4 minutes -- WITHOUT using any “game.”

And the best part?
✅ There are no steps you need to follow or memorize…

✅ You don’t need to learn any corny pick-up lines or routines…

✅ You won’t have to manipulate her with stupid mind games…

✅ And you definitely won’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.
It’s SUPER simple to do, too.

In fact, I’m surprised none of these other dating coaches are talking about this!

You activate this technique BEFORE talking to a girl.

And it allows you to “click” with the girl you’re talking to, in a matter of seconds - from simple small talk.

Once you two “click”, her defenses go down, and she gets comfortable with you REALLY fast.

And by “comfortable,” I mean flirting, teasing, and seducing YOU into spending the rest of the night at her place!

The 4-Minute Click pretty much does all the attraction stuff for you while you sit back and keep being your best self.

In fact, you already have everything you need to attract the women of your dreams…

And if you're not doing that RIGHT NOW, because you’re not letting 4-Minute Click work FOR you!

ANY GUY who uses this will transform into a master flirter with girls -- without having to learn “game!”

Because you’ll be NATURALLY attractive to women without having to try so hard.

With the 4-Minute Click, you could tease them playfully…

Challenge them, call them out on their B.S…

Or even be super blunt and direct with them with your intentions...

...and they’ll just become even more attracted to you.

You’ll even be able to talk to women SEXUALLY without sounding like a creep..

And it doesn’t matter:
  • If you’re SUPER shy, get approach-anxiety, or get super nervous around girls…
  • If you have NO CLUE what to say when talking to a woman.
  • If you don’t have the money, looks, status, or friends…
  • ​If you’re a virgin or inexperienced with women…
  • ​If you’ve had a ton of BAD experiences with women in the past..
No matter how hopeless you think you are with women…

You can use the secret magnet to be the sexual catalyst to her next “it just happened” story… 

 OR make her your girlfriend - or BOTH.

...Even if she’s already put you in the god-forbidden friendzone!

...It’s really up to you.
Either way, she'll cement you in her mind as a sexy, confident man who she could NEVER be “just friends” with.

And what's funny is, you'll FEEL like you're just being yourself...

But to HER, you’ll be so desirable and addictive to be around, and she won’t know why!

I’ll break down how my 4-Minute Click works in a moment.

But first, let me finish my embarrassing story about being rejected by every girl, and how I eventually redeemed myself.



So, as I mentioned before…

I Went To A Nightclub & Got Rejected By 
Every Single Girl I Tried To Talk To.

The only girlfriend I ever had just broke up with me after we graduated high school.

And after a month or so in the summer, I thought I’d go to a nightclub with some friends. Possibly meet someone new.

I got a haircut, put on my nicest clothes. Wore my shiniest watch.
Bought some super expensive cologne and an outfit from Nordstroms to match.

I was sure this was going to be a great night...

But I had no idea I was actually headed for a nightmare.

That whole night, I got shut down by every girl I approached.

They’d tell me they just wanted to hang with their girls, or that they already had a boyfriend.

I even asked a much older lady for a dance and STILL got rejected!

Are you serious?” I thought, “I’m literally doing YOU a favor!

Things definitely weren’t going the way I wanted them to.

But the night was still young, and I was sure to get SOME action by the end of the night.

I just needed another drink to get some liquid courage flowing...
That’s when I met her.
This beautiful brunette was standing next to me while I tried to wave down the bartender at the bar.

And all I could think about at that moment was… I had to say SOMETHING to her.

So I said the first thing that came to mind…

“Hey, can I buy you a drink?”

Her eyes lit up and she responded with, “sure!”

Finally the bartender comes and I buy us drinks.

Since I was buying her a drink I thought I had a little time to shoot my shot.

So what did I do?

I asked This Girl The Same BORING Questions Any Other Guy Would’ve Asked.

Questions like…

“What’s your name?”

“What school do you go to?”

“Do you come here often?”

Thinking back on it now, I thought I was on a great path by getting to know her.

I even looked back at my friends who were giving me the nod of approval from my table.

And I thought things were going smoothly when suddenly she tells me…

“Hey I'm gonna go to the bathroom real quick, okay?”

And like a weirdo, I responded with, “Cool. Mind if I walk you?”

“Umm…sure...” she says.
So I walk her to the bathroom, thinking, I for sure I got this in the bag.

I’m standing there, waiting for her to go to the bathroom, trying not to sip my drink too fast.

15 minutes go by, and I’m thinking… 
“Well, maybe there’s a long line to the ladies room. Like there usually is.”

Suddenly, one of my friends walks up to me and says...

“Dude, Why Are You Still Standing By The Bathroom? She’s Over THERE With Her Friends!”

I looked over and sure enough, there she was back at her table.

Still sipping on the $20 drink I bought her, and laughing at me with her friends.

I had NO IDEA she even walked past me!

I get that rejection is all a part of the game...

But for her to not even have the decency to say “I’m not interested...”

To just curve me without a second thought, as if we didn’t share a moment.

I wanted to run out of the club right then and there…

Sadly, I had to stay because my friends and I all carpooled!

Of course, my friends gave me shit for the rest of the night.

I was the ONLY friend who didn’t either have a girl coming home with us…

Or get a quick makeout session on the dancefloor… 

...Or a phone number. 

Hell, I didn’t even get an Instagram handle!

My friends tried to cheer me up the way friends do…

I HATED that:

Women didn’t want to be around me.

Women didn’t want to talk to me.

Women didn’t even acknowledge my existence.

Was this REALLY my life right now?

To go to a club and get rejected by every girl? 

Even the ugly friends?

To me...

This Was Unacceptable. 
I Needed A Complete 180 Change!!!

I’d reached my breaking point.

Yes, I wanted to get better with women (and yeah, I wanted the sex, too)...

But what I REALLY wanted was for girls to just NOTICE ME.

And more importantly, I wanted RESPECT.

Respect from women. Respect from other men… 

Respect for MYSELF.

So I could start living a life I was excited about.

I had absolutely NO control over my interactions with women.

I realized if I didn’t get this area of girls in my life figured out… I was going to be doomed to an unhappy existence…

One where I had to settle for ANY girl that would have…

Even if she was some 4 or 5. 

So I made the decision then and there…

Either I get good with women… or I LITERALLY DIE a lame ass simp.

I thought about how the night went when I woke up the next morning.

Was I too nice to her?

Did she just use me for a free drink?
No… I had friends who’ve taken girls from the bars after buying them drinks.

It had to be much deeper than that...

Then I asked myself… How exactly DO you get amazing with girls?

Is it by getting jacked on going to the gym?

Or dressing like a millionaire playboy?

Is it having a ton of money?

Did I have to “fake it til I made it” and pretend to be cooler than I really was?

None of these were the answer either.

But there was one painful truth I was ready to accept...

I Had No Clue How To Talk To Girls.

Let’s be honest.

Acting cool and having a nice body doesn’t really matter to girls if you can’t actually talk or flirt with them.

And honestly, I couldn’t start a conversation to save my life.
More importantly, I thought you needed “game” to get girls, which meant saying the right things, memorizing pick-up lines, and playing “seductive” mind games.

But not only did I FREEZE when talking to a girl… I was pretty nervous to approach them to begin with!

Honestly, I’d see an attractive girl and automatically think to myself…

“Oh, she probably has a boyfriend already.”

“She’s talking on the phone and looks busy.”

“She’s walking way too fast, and must be in a hurry somewhere.”

Sometimes, I’d muster up the courage to walk up to a girl I like. 

But the moment I opened my mouth… NOTHING would come out.

Or, if I did say something, I’d sound as stale as an old bag of Lays…

...just like I did at the club.

Then one day I was on my music app when...

I Kept Seeing An Ad About This Guy Who Could Talk To ANY Woman…

Everytime I opened my app that day, this ad kept popping up!

The ad was selling a book about advice on how to seduce women.
At first I thought, “there’s no way I’m gonna read a book about how to get girls! Who does that?”

But I’m not gonna lie, I was a little desperate for answers…

And after seeing the same ad 6 times that day, I changed my mind. 

What was the worst that could happen?

So I got the book and started reading…

1 page turned to 3…

Then 5 pages turned to 20 pages…

And by the time I was done with the book I thought I knew so much about how to communicate with the opposite sex…

So of course, I went out for the next couple of weeks and applied what I learned…

And it PAINFULLY backfired on me.

This Book Had The WORST Dating Advice I’d Ever Received!

This book basically taught me how to be the biggest ASSHOLE to women.

I’d be disrespectful, inconsiderate, and selfish towards them.

Some of the tactics I learned in this book were downright manipulative.

You’d THINK being a dick would be the best way to get girls. 

Hell, that’s what most of these dating gurus teach, and it’s what you see on TV all the time - girls chasing the “bad boys” and whatnot...

But this book was the WORST dating book I ever read about attracting women!

And I’ll explain why in a sec…

But long story short, being a complete jerk to women wasn’t the answer, either.

Sure, I slept with a few girls using this advice… 

But I hated that I had to pretend to be a manipulative asshole to these girls who genuinely liked me.

Plus, they were never girls I was all that attracted to.

So after breaking a few hearts, I stopped using the book completely.

And I was just about to give up when suddenly…

I ran across a study by Stanford University regarding their research on Speed Dating.

After examining thousands of dates…

The Study Found It Only Takes 4 Minutes To Emotionally “CLICK” With Someone.

The study stated:

“Their analysis of nearly 1,000 dates found that words, indeed, do matter. How the words are delivered, when and for how long make a difference to how people feel toward each other, and in this case, whether the men and women sensed that they "clicked" during their encounter.”
I kept reading...

“The four-minute date, the study found, was enough time to forge a meaningful relationship – something that seemed to go beyond looks and motivation.”

After reading this study, an epiphany lit up my entire body. 

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and right away, you just CLICKED?

You don’t have to convince or persuade them to trust you…

They just do.

Once you two CLICK, you can be honest and transparent with that person.

You can be yourself, without trying so hard to be someone else.

...and they can be the same with you.

Everything finally started to make sense.

And up until now, I was going about flirting ALL wrong!

Like most guys, I focused more on trying to get her to sleep with me too soon…

Instead, I needed to focus on getting her to CLICK with me.

Because once you CLICK with a girl, you form almost an immediate connection with her.

And once this happens, flirting becomes EFFORTLESS, if not much easier!

And lastly, all of this happens within the first 4 minutes of interacting with her!

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…

“Okay Imad, but isn’t ‘Clicking’ with girls the whole point of learning game?”

And you’d be right to think that.

But remember how I told you that dating book from earlier was the WORST dating book ever written?

Here’s why…

Books like the one I read, along with a lot of these other pick up artist coaches out here teach you what’s called “The Bad Boy Persona.”

The Bad Boy Persona is basically where you PRETEND to be indifferent, and “too cool” to show emotion when talking to girls.

You say things you don’t really mean or wouldn’t normally say… 

Your posture or walk looks unnatural…

And you become an unapologetic asshole to women for no reason.

And this is bad for a few reasons:

1. You’re pretending to be someone you’re NOT.

2. You’re still seeking approval from girls even though you’re acting like you’re not (otherwise why act like a “bad boy?”)

3. Most girls could see through your act from a mile away.

Basically, the “game” you learn is rooted in manipulation and lies.

Women are naturally much more intuitive than us guys and can usually sense when you’re trying too hard or playing a role.

Sure you may get laid every now and then…

But once these girls find out you’re NOT who you’re pretending to be…

Their attraction for you dries up faster than a raindrop in a desert.

Because let’s be real: You wouldn’t have lied and acted like an asshole if you were being REAL with her.


And look...

If You Got Caught Up In “The Bad Boy Persona” 
Like I Did, Don’t Worry. It’s Not Your Fault.

Ironically, seducing women with words has nothing to do with what you say.

It’s who you’re BEING at the moment.

That’s why game is most effective when it comes from the REAL YOU.

And that’s where the BIG problem lies.

The REAL question is…

How come these “dating gurus” teach guys to be FAKE to get REAL attraction from women?

Why are most of these dating coaches setting guys up for failure?

And causing women to connect with personas that aren’t REAL?

Well, most coaches will NEVER admit this to you but...

These Dating “Coaches” NEED Guys Like YOU To Be A Victim So You Can Keep Buying Their Programs.

Let’s be real: Rejection from women can be PAINFUL, which is why most guys fear it.

And these coaches know this.

Here’s what else these coaches know...

But most guys ALSO understand that rejection is a part of life that makes you stronger…
And that most guys don’t walk around thinking girls are out to get them.

But other guys grow RESENTMENT for women, and develop a victim mindset around dating.

Sadly, a lot of these “coaches” play on guys’ victim mindset to trick you out of your money.

They make you believe that:

- ALL women simply use you for your money…

- ALL women sleep around with a ton of guys and then date you when they’re all used up…

- ALL women will automatically LEAVE you as soon as they meet a guy with more money or better looks than you

- Or that being the top 1% is the ONLY way to get “genuine, burning desire” from women (otherwise you have to PAY for sex).

And those are just a few toxic beliefs...

Are there some women who do these things? Sure… 

But DEFINITELY NOT the majority!

And here’s the thing:

Being a victim is the most UNATTRACTIVE thing a guy can be to a woman.

And these coaches know this, too!

BUT the bigger victim YOU are, the more you’ll buy into their toxic beliefs…

And the more programs you’ll buy from them…

These dating coaches will teach guys these toxic beliefs because deep down…

They’re Frauds Who Project Their OWN Insecurities Onto Guys Like YOU For Profit!

Think about it:

Why else would they teach guys “game” to manipulate and lie just to get in between a girl’s legs?

Because sadly, most dating advice is from the biggest victims of them all.

Chances are, these guys kept getting rejected by women too, and resented women ever since...

So rather than getting validation from the women they want…

They project their insecurities onto other guys looking for help.

They teach guys to seduce women through lies and fakeness as a way to get back at the women who’ve hurt them in the past!

And the worst part is, A LOT of these dating coaches are HORRIBLE with women, themselves!!!

Don’t you see?

It’s never been about helping YOU get better with women… it’s about using you for revenge!

That’s why ACTING like a bad boy is the worst dating advice I’ve ever heard.
I hated being told I was getting “the HARSH truths about women”...

When in reality, I was just drinking the author’s toxic Kool Aid! 

I felt like I was a pawn in his game of Chess to ruin the lives of innocent women!

But I’ve got good news...

You Don’t Have To Pretend To Be A “Bad Boy” Or 
A Victim Just To CLICK With A Hott Girl...

Guys who are really good with women are just being REAL and honest.

And as a result, they CLICK with almost every girl they talk to.

Think of it like this...

Not “clicking” with women when talking to them is like watching an unplugged TV
Imagine turning on the TV when it’s not plugged in.

It stays OFF and you’re stuck looking at black glass.

But when the TV is plugged in, it turns on, and is ready to entertain you for hours.

Because the TV is connected to a reliable energy source!
Well, clicking with women works the same way!

BEFORE women decide to sleep with you, they have to feel some sense of connection first (even if they’re super drunk).

And this connection is created when you CLICK with them!

In other words...

You become her reliable energy source that turns her on!

Lucky for us guys, it can take less than 4 minutes!

If only more guys knew that clicking with a girl (and getting her to chase you) all depends on the first 4 minutes of interaction, they could use this time much more wisely. 

Understanding this, I asked myself:

Was There ANY Way I Could Instantly CLICK With ANY Girl I Talk To From Simple Conversation?

There was only one way to find out…

So I’d go around campus trying to connect with every pretty girl I saw within 4 minutes.

At first, I wasn’t asking them on dates or anything. 

I just wanted to see if I could CLICK with them so that flirting with them could be easier.

This private investigation of mine went on for months.

And I ended up meeting some really hot girls.

But no sparks at first.


 I Tried Something A Little Different...

Rather than just immediately approaching a girl and saying whatever (which was scary as hell)...

I did this tiny little trick BEFORE I approached them.

This instant shift made me feel a surge of genuine confidence.

It felt like I tapped into a power within myself that I didn’t even know was there.

Instead of trying to think of something clever to say -- this trick transformed me into a clever person.

Then I started noticing something interesting happen…

This tiny little shift immediately prevented me from getting nervous or freezing up...

And allowed me to flirt back as playfully and as non-creepy as possible - without thinking at all!

And almost every girl I talked to after doing this little trick responded in ways I’d never seen before.

And when it was time for me to go, they didn’t want me to leave without giving me their number or Instagram handle.

Once I CLICKED With These Women, They Were Drawn To Me Like A MAGNET!

It was kind of mind-blowing actually!  

One day I was having a conversation with one of the hottest girls on campus. 

Thanks to this little trick beforehand, we CLICKED right away a couple of days ago...

I had her giggling, laughing, and even flirting with me.

And out of nowhere she says…

I know we just met but, why do I feel like I’ve known you for years?

This girl was so comfortable with me, she invited me over to her place when her dorm roommate was in class…

...and that was all she wrote!

When I left her dorm room I was speechless!

I thought… 

Did I finally crack the code?

To be sure I used this strategy again and I slept with ANOTHER girl another night!

Then another, and another, and another…

There was no question now, I was onto something big.

And after some refining and tweaking, I finally gave this trick a name: The 4-Minute Click.
This simple, yet powerful trick allowed me to CLICK with girls almost immediately, no matter what words were said.

If I was talking to a girl I thought was sexy, I simply used the 4-Minute Click before talking to her…

And almost instantly, she’d respond with flirting, sex “jokes,” or asking if I wanted to come to her dorm room to “chill”!

I was clicking with women almost instantly, and making real connections with them…

And getting incredible SEX in return as a result!

And before I knew it…

I Dated The Hottest Girls On My College Campus!

Soon I had dates with different girls lined up almost every night of the week with the hottest sophomores, juniors, and even seniors at school.

And I wasn’t just meeting girls on campus…

The 4-Minute Click proved to be SUPER effective on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, too!

Next thing I knew I had dates with the hottest girls in my entire area!

Eventually my phone was full of texts of nude photos from women BEGGING me to come over…

To which, I’d simply respond with my new quirk to make them desire me even MORE!

Other guys would notice how much success I was getting and want to be my friend!

Sometimes, even my friend’s GIRLFRIENDS would start flirting with me on the downlow!

I couldn’t believe what was happening…

I Finally Became THAT Guy Women Couldn’t Get Enough Of!

For years I thought something was inherently wrong with me…

But thanks to my 4-Minute Click I went from being lonely, unhappy, and undesirable… having more ATTENTION from women than I knew what to do with...

...and more RESPECT from men than I felt I deserved.

My depression vanished, and I saw myself in a new, positive light.

My confidence overflowed from knowing I could meet any girl I was interested in, CLICK with them, and turn our relationship from friendly to sexual whenever I wanted.

Turns out, I WAS dateable and worthy of love.

For the first time, I was truly HAPPY with myself and with my life.

Because I never had to feel lonely again.

It wasn’t long before my friends were asking me about my secret 4-Minute Click.

As a joke, I told these guys I’d teach them my secrets for $5 a person.

I didn’t expect them to take me seriously.

And I DEFINITELY didn’t think it would lead to me teaching seminars full of guys who wanted to know the skill of clicking with girls in under 4 minutes!

Soon Guys From All Over Sought Me Out To Teach Them My 4-Minute Click…

Fast-forward 5 years later… My success led me to guest appear on outlets like CNN, The New York Weekly, ABC News, Fox News, WIKI How, and more.

My powerful dating method had me speaking on 
And had me featured on
Now I say all this not to brag or show off.

The truth is, I’m no special case.

The Silver Tongue Seduction Course

I promise you, on everything I love…

If you want to put an end to the constant fear of rejection from women…

And eliminate the frustration of approaching anxiety...

To escape the loneliness, the lack of confidence and low self-esteem...

And start living with an over-abundance of love and sex from the women you ACTUALLY want to date, no matter how “out of your league” they may seem…

The Silver Tongue Seduction Course is your answer.

It’s the ONLY course that breaks down my Click Magnet Quirk...

So you never have to fear approaching another beautiful woman again!

I’ve made it my number 1 priority to get this course to as many guys as possible, so they can start getting women to flirt with and chase THEM, instead of the other way around - all from simple, playful conversation!

To put it simply, The Silver Tongue Seduction Course works.

In fact, it’s so effective, you’ll witness your confidence with women increase from the moment you start applying what you’ve learned from the Silver Tongue Seduction Course.

No matter your age, your height, or your weight…

And no matter what other dating courses you’ve tried before...

I believe The Silver Tongue Seduction Course WILL work for you.

The moment you apply the Silver Tongue Seduction Course, you’ll start to CLICK with women you’d NEVER thought you could attract in this lifetime!

Then, you’ll notice your self-esteem rise, and your anxieties and insecurities vanish shortly after.

Every time you talk with a woman, you’ll get more and more comfortable…

Until effortlessly connecting with them becomes a part of your being.

Believe me, there’s nothing more empowering than being able to flirt your way into the panties of any woman you want - after making REAL connections in less than 4 minutes.

Especially when they start flirting with YOU from what seems to be simple, innocent conversation!

Your success with women will increase faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

And before you know it, your women and dating troubles become a thing of the distant past.

But the best part about my promise to you?

With The Silver Tongue Seduction Course, A Woman’s Nearly Instant Attraction For You Is Almost ENTIRELY Under YOUR CONTROL!

Don’t be surprised if multiple women start stalking you at once aggressively demanding for their sexual needs to be met…

And get ready. Because almost every other guy around you will definitely ask you what your secret is…

And once you tell them, they won’t believe how easy it is!

Here’s what happened when I showed this secret quirk to some of my students:

CASE STUDY 1: James 

James is a golfer who almost went pro!

He even met Tiger Woods!

But even though he was a beast on the golf course, he was horrible when it came to women. 
2 months ago, he wasn’t able to talk to a single girl. Luckily I taught him how to use the Silver Tongue Click Magnet

Fast forward to now: Not only is he getting dates left and right, he’s also using it to increase his sales in his business!


Geoff was single for 2 years before I met him.

You’d think a guy who was a professional soccer player with 2 businesses could get girls easily…

But not Geoff.

He was scared to talk to girls.

But shortly after I showed him the Silver Tongue Click Magnet, it wasn’t long before he met his current girlfriend, who he’s been dating for two months now.

CASE STUDY 3: Jason Wojo

You may have seen Jason’s ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Despite having a $2 million business, Jason always had problems with his relationships with women.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “this guy was a millionaire and STILL couldn’t get girls!?”

That’s right, sometimes even having money isn’t enough!

You can literally have it all and STILL not have a clue on how to talk to girls.

But after I showed him The Silver Tongue Click Magnet, his dating life did a complete 180!

He’s now talking to multiple girls only a WEEK after learning this technique (one of them whom he sees a real future with!)

Those are just a few of my hundreds of success stories!

And soon, EVERY GUY will be raving about The Silver Tongue Seduction Course and its groundbreaking results!

But it gets even better…

Before this course was completed, I wanted to MAKE SURE it was undoubtedly the most effective course any man could learn - in less than 24 hours.

I wanted guys to come in knowing little to NOTHING about women…

And come out on the other side completely transformed into men who could CLICK with and attract any woman they want.

So I went back to the drawing board with my team at my headquarters..

After much rigorous research, testing, and trial-and error…

I broke up the Course into 9 modules. 

Each of these value-driven modules break down the Silver Tongue Seduction Course to mere simplicity.

So you can ELIMINATE your fear of rejection once and for all.

Now, I get it. You’re probably thinking, “Imad, just GIVE ME the freaking Silver Tongue Seduction Course Already!”

But I’m so excited, I HAVE to tell you about these 9 different modules. 

So if you let me, I’ll show them to you now!

In Module 1: No Outcome

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The 1 Thing You MUST DO Before Entering A Conversation With A Woman (Mess this up and you can FORGET about attracting her).

The BIGGEST Mistake Most Guys Make When Talking To Girls.

The Hidden Secret Behind EVERY Great Conversationalist (You’ll NEVER hear about this outside of this course).

The Most Attractive Skill You Can Start Using Today With The Next Girl You Talk To (Women Absolutely LOVE When Men Do This).

Embody This ONE Belief, & You’ll NEVER Come Off NEEDY To Women - EVER AGAIN!

And MUCH more...

In Module 2: Exciting Conversations

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why Being “Illogical & Fun” Is The Winning Key To Conversation Success With Women 

The Main Difference Between How Men & Women Communicate (Not understanding this is the reason why most guys fail with women)

The #1 Attraction-Killer In Conversations (AVOID like the plague!)

Why You NEVER Give Girls What They Want (The answer shocked me at first when I learned this)

The Most Commonly Missed Conversation Ingredient That Makes Women Want To Sleep With You

Want A Girl To ALWAYS Respond To You Positively? DO THIS (WARNING: She may develop an addiction for you if you do this).

And Much More!

In Module 3: Challenging Her

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The 2-Step Attraction Formula That NOBODY Talks About (This will be a complete GAME CHANGER for you!)

What Girls REALLY Mean When They Say They “Don’t Like Nice Guys.”

Why Chasing Girls Actually KILLS Her Attraction For You (And what to do instead).

How To Make A Girl Work Hard For YOUR Attention (Do this and she’ll start to emotionally invest in you).

The Street-Walking Gag That Makes Her Laugh (AND Turns Her On) - This is one of my favorite!

How To Build Rapid Attraction By Standing Your Ground In A Conversation (This Will Cause Her To Respect You And Take You Seriously)

And Much More!

In Module 4: Rapport Building

Here’s what you’ll learn:

This Powerful Technique That Makes Her Connect With You On A Subconscious Level (By far one of my most powerful dating secrets).

Use THIS To Put Yourself In Her Shoes To Make Her Feel Genuine Attraction For You.

How To Use Her Own Words Against Her To Increase Attraction For You (This is a very sneaky technique that works like a charm).

The 3-Part Rapport Building Sequence That Instantly Creates A Connection With Women (Do this and sleeping with her will be SO MUCH EASIER!)

Why Connection Is Just ONE Piece To The Puzzle (If you don’t add this second part, you’ll just be another guy in her Friendzone!)

And much more!

In Module 5: Building Tension

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The Open Loop Takeaway That Drives Women Wild In Conversation.

The Bait-N-Reject Challenge That Makes Women Chase You Without Realizing It

The Ancient Military Trick That Creates A Strong Bond Between You & Her (Watch Her Guard This Bond With Her Life)

What To Do The Moment She Disagrees With You About A Topic That Increases Her Attraction Even More (Most guys are too afraid to do this).

How To Get A Girl To Aggressively Seek Your Approval (This works ESPECIALLY on prettier girls - the prettier she is, the stronger this trick becomes!)

And much more!

In Module 6: Cold-Reading

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why “Cold-Reading” Is So Powerful When Talking To Girls (Even if she KNOWS you’re cold reading her!)

Why “Predicting” A Woman’s Personality Entices Them To Learn More About YOU.

How To Tell Engaging, Relatable Stories Than Keep Her Glued To Your Conversation

How To Make Her Feel Like You “Just Get Her” In Mere Seconds (This doesn’t just work on women, either - it works on ANYONE you use this with).

And much more...

In Module 7: Tonality

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why Tonality Can Either Create Or Kill Attraction With Women (If most guys understood this, they would sleep with WAY more girls).

How To Use Tonality To Turn Boring Stories Into Engaging, Exciting Ones (Do this right & she’s yours)

How To Arouse Her With Non-Sexual Conversations (Use this to make any conversation a sexy one!)

If You Don’t Do THIS You Will ALWAYS Sound Like A Boring, Sexless Robot (In other words: You’ll NEVER get laid)

And much more!

In Module 8: The Power Of Listening

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The WRONG way to listen VS The RIGHT Way (HINT: The guys who get the most girls are the best listeners)

3 Ways To Show You’re Actively Listening To Her (Even if you’re not) - Learned this secret from Japan!

The Secret To Looking 65% More Receptive When Listening To Women (This boosts your chances of CLICKING with her at a rapid rate)

And much more!

In Module 9: High-Caliber Communicator

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Are You Asking “Interview-Like” Questions To Women When You First Meet Them? STOP THAT & Do THIS Instead!

How To Use Emotional Stories To Answer Simple Questions (When You Do This, She Will NEVER Get Bored Of You)!

How To Use Spontaneity To Your Advantage When Building Attraction

Why Commonalities Can Save You From Rejection And Make Women Chase You (The answer is NOT what you think)

And much more!

With Everything You’ll Learn From The Silver Tongue Seduction Course, You Can Now See Why It’s Nearly Impossible To NOT Be Successful With Women!

So now you’ve seen how I managed to go from being clueless with women… wielding the power of naturally CLICK with any woman I want - until I talk myself into bed with her...

And now you have seen why thousands of men are already praising the Click-Magnet Quirk breakthrough…

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She may appear a couple months from now… maybe even in a couple of weeks…

Heck, she may even show up in your life tomorrow...

But when she DOES appear, will you be ready?

You can keep wasting your time with the fake advice you get from fake dating “gurus” on Youtube...

Or wasting your money on courses and strategies that teach you to trick women into liking you… while harboring the same, limiting, toxic, victim mindset as those who secretly resent women...

You can keep wasting your energy memorizing pick up lines portraying the wannabe “Bad Boy Persona”…

trying to be someone you’re not...

But in the end, you and I both know it won’t matter.

Because when she comes and goes, and you drop the ball once again…

She’ll be gone FOREVER.

But I know that’s not what you want...

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Texting Secrets
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In this bonus I’ll share my best kept texting secrets to help you CLICK with girls through texting and dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Instagram and more! Valued at $97, Texting Secrets is yours FREE when you get Silver Tongue Seduction.

Phone Call Secrets
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The biggest mistake guys make is trying to get to know girls ONLY through text! This bonus is gonna show you step-by-step how to set up dates over the phone with girls. Phone Call Secrets is another gift from me to you when you get the course today.

25 Best Openers For Texting & DMs
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Test out the best and proven openers for texting and DMing girls! 
WARNING: these openers work so well, it’s likely you can have a date with a different girl every day of the week. So be careful! These openers can be yours at no cost when you get Silver Tongue Seduction today.

10 Steps To Get Out Of The Friendzone
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Private Facebook Group
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You’ll get access to my exclusive Silver Tongue Seduction Facebook Group. Here you’ll join me and my secret group of Silver Tongue Seduction students who are dedicated to CLICKING with the most beautiful women of their dreams. And the best part? They’ll all be cheering you on ready to support you on your journey to become the best version of yourself. Plus you’ll have me there, ready to help you kick ass whenever you need! 
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I realized that for most men, learning the skill of attracting women is too important to them to let a price like $500 stop them.

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See, if you’re like most guys, you know that once you get this conversation thing handled, achieving ANYTHING ELSE will be too easy!

Because attracting women can seem like one of the hardest and scariest things to do.

Ask yourself: How many guys do YOU know who struggle with attracting women?

With everything that’s going on today…

And with 78% of all women on dating apps like Tinder competing for the small 22% of ONLY the most successful men out there...

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    Imad JBara,
    The Perfect Suitor

    P.S. Before this letter was sent out to thousands of men like you, I showed it to my students and closest friends. They asked me some common questions I’ve answered below:

    Who is Silver Tongue Seduction for? 
    It's for all men. Doesn't matter your age, attractiveness, height, financial statues, weight, or any excuses you might think of to why you won't attract the women you want. It has helped thousands of men all around the world get their girls they always wanted. 
    What's the Silver Tongue Seduction about?
    It's an online course that teaches men how to attract women and develop charisma in 10 simple modules and 6 bonuses. 

    What's the time range before I start getting girls and going on dates?
    This is all dependent on you. If you put it the work and practice everything you learned here then you can do it as fast as the next couple of days. If you ignore it and push it off then you'll stay in the same place.

    What makes this different then other courses? I've bought some in the past and they didn't work.
    I can’t speak for the other courses but what I can say is that in silver tongue seduction, you will get straight forward information without the fluff. We seen most dating programs out there and they usually take so long to get to the point but with us you just get in and are ready to test it out! 
    Is this program billed discreetly? 
    Yes this program will appear as The Imperfect Suitor Inc and not the silver tongue seduction. 
    Do you have any shortcuts, I don’t think I’ll have time to do it. 
    This is the shortcut. Plus it’s not that long either so you can get through most of this in a day if you put in the time and effort. We tried to keep it concise and sweet so you can get the result as soon as possible. 
    How will I get access to the course after I purchase it? 
    You will get an email with a link and your log in information to our database. 
    Does this work on younger women?
    This works on all types of woman! It’s all behavioral psychology so you will be tapping into that aspect when communicating with women. 
    Do you have any evidence that this stuff actually works?
    Yes have a whole section filled with testimonials that you can see for yourself! 
    Will I get hotter women?
    Without a doubt, this course is designed to teach you how to attract all women even if you think they are out of your league.
     Imad Jbara | Copyright ©2021 | All Rights Reserved

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